Services - Range of Services

Range of Services

No two individuals are the same. Our types of service accommodate a wide variety of residents and are sensitive to individual needs. We are responsive to change and attentive to the views of residents and all are involved in contributing to their successful negotiation of a pathway to independence.

Services - Types of Supported Housing

Types of Support

Typically housing is provided to enable us to offer every resident the benefit of our ‘3 Step Support Pathway’ approach to independence. Our accommodation is delivered according to degrees of individual need which is assessed within three categories of support low, medium and high.



A distinguishing feature of our service is the care we take to ensure our residents are provided with a high standard of housing, fully furnished modern bedsits, well maintained and suited to provide them with an environment in which to enjoy the security and support so essential for improvement of their health and well-being.

Apax Supported Housing Residents

Our Residents

The welfare, well-being and independence of our residents mean everything to us. Adopting a posture of learning, we strive to improve the quality of our service by listening to their views, through research and by having in place reliable performance systems all intended to eventual independent living.