About Us

Apax is a not-for-profit, voluntary, social enterprise. We provide supported living and supported housing services for vulnerable individuals who have experienced social exclusion, disadvantages or homelessness but have retained the capacity to make independent choices. Our support service takes a preventative, enablement and person-centred approach: to engage, empower and enable. Consequently, such preventative services environment reduce resident dependency on local services and provide the chance for them to develop and grow in ways to meet their individual needs and maximise their potential. We work proactively with our partners to support our residents through their journey to independence and social inclusion.

Personalised Services

Mission & Values - Our People

Each one of our residents has encountered a very personal journey before stepping through our doors. In recognition of this, we realise the importance of providing unique and personalised services to meet individual needs which ultimately help our residents continue successfully on their journey towards independence and social inclusion.

Our residents’ backgrounds and personal sets of circumstances are unique and we take comfort in knowing that our help and support can change their lives for the better. Through providing the right support and appropriate levels of care in our supported living accommodation, our residents are able to refocus and rebuild their lives. As their independence grows, they find themselves able to make the right choices in order to maximise their potential, thus becoming confident members of the community and discovering lasting stability and happiness.

Tailored Support

We treat each person as an individual and thus take a person centred approach. We reflect this ethos by tailoring our services to meet identified personal needs. Our residents can expect to be treated with regard to equality, inclusion, dignity and respect, and to enjoy the ‘family culture’ that we promote within the supportive environment we provide.

For residents we can offer varying levels of support, ranging from selected support accommodation, to floating support arrangements and assistance when requiring advice in selecting domiciliary care when required.

Promoting Social Inclusion

Mission & Values - Our People

Apax was established in June 2010 as the result of an idea to improve the lives of those who suffer from social exclusion, social disadvantage and homelessness. We wanted then and now to make a difference in the community and offer vulnerable people the chance to rebuild their lives, regain independence and, within a supportive environment, commence a return to independent living, aided by dedicated and caring team members.

Our maiden project, Summer House, opened to our first residents in March 2011. The success of this venture led us to invest in further supported accommodation services designed to meet a wider range of residents needs. We developed working relationships with interested health and social care professionals including local authorities, so that we could work collaboratively in providing our residents with a way forward to gaining a greater measure of independent living, by having improved access to welfare support, training and employment opportunities.

Since our establishment as a supportive accommodation service in 2010, we have been encouraged by the success of our residents, and the knowledge that our approach to providing support and assistance towards achieving independent living, has contributed to them rebuilding their lives. Our measure of success is the positive difference made to the lives of residents, by having lived in our supportive accommodation and moved on through our pathway to independence and social inclusion.