Our Residents

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The happiness, welfare and wellbeing of our residents mean everything to us. We understand that they each have individual needs and may have suffered hardship, abuse or social exclusion which can each have a devastating effect on their confidence levels and feelings of self-worth.

Rebuilding Lives

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Some of our residents require support in meeting their basic human needs, whilst others are close to independence but need a little help from us in terms of direction. Whatever level of support is required, through providing clean, warm and supportive accommodation and assisting with access to essential services and opportunities, we strive to help our residents refocus and rebuild their lives so that they may continue to independently improve their quality of living.

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A key part of this support is through facilitating a positive community environment, where residents connect with each other, develop bonds of friendship and engage in meaningful interaction that lends energy towards pursing lasting personal development. A supportive community provides a platform on which such rebuilding can take place.

Within this context, we continue to work towards adding value to our community. Our residents participate in service projects which leads to increased interaction with the wider community and further volunteering opportunities to integrate within society.