Apax - Accommodation

At Apax, we like to provide high standards of accommodation for our residents. The high quality of our facilities differentiates us and makes us quite unique within this sector. Our residents really do appreciate the lengths we go to, to make them feel comfortable and ‘at home’, as they embark on their journey of change.

We provide high, medium and low support accommodation in order to cater for all resident groups. Our services include self-contained bedsits and one-bedroom flats. Residents are offered access to support around the clock, encouragement and advice in relation to accessing training services, a concierge-style service, selective supported living advice, guidance on where to access external living and life skills development opportunities, within a service which empowers by emphasizing independence, choice and self-motivation.

Safe and Comfortable Living

Each of Apax’s accommodation facilities provides clean and comfortable living for its residents. Whether it is a self-contained bedsit, studio or one-bedroom flat, our residents can be assured of safe and secure surroundings, and fully-equipped accommodation including CCTV with modern fixtures and fittings. Residents will each be provided with their own keys and will also be encouraged to involve themselves within the supportive, social community that exists uniquely within each accommodation facility.