At Apax, we work closely with vulnerable adults, whose individual circumstances have led them to experience social disadvantages resulting from a number of misfortunes, including mental health, homelessness, learning difficulties, substance misuse and offending. By offering security and an environment which is non-directive, understanding, encouraging and supportive, we give our residents a genuine opportunity to improve their lives.

High-Quality Accommodation

We are able to make a real difference to our residents lives by offering a high standard, safe and clean accommodation with varying levels of support, as well as access to services which will address the social problems which may have led to their social exclusion and inability to live independently.

We work collaboratively with local authorities, as well as health and social care agencies, to help residents to move towards to making positive changes in their lives, leading to those all-important steps towards social inclusion, equality, independence and reintegration.

Providing a Personalised Service

We believe in providing a personalised service which values people for who they are and, as such, insist on providing the scope for our residents to achieve their full potential through their own decision-making, whilst also promoting self-help and independence. Part of our tenancy terms includes a bespoke understanding which relates to our expectations of self-help and accessing of required services to maintain health and independence.

Personal goals and objectives will be set within resident support plans and reviewed with them on a regular basis, so we can jointly monitor progress towards moving on along our planned pathway to independent living. We are pleased to be able to provide our residents with a variety of accommodation services including supported accommodation, floating support and domiciliary care via outside agencies.