Range of Services

Here at Apax, we appreciate and understand the many diverse hardships that our residents have faced in their lives. Our team members work tirelessly to forge meaningful relationships with our residents so that each and every individual can feel supported and secure as they seek to develop the skills that will help them move on to a better quality of life.

Whilst our main service provision is supported accommodation and supported living, within this, we are able to offer a wide range of services to our residents to help get them back on track and reintegrated into the social community. The approaches adopted to facilitate the recovery process considers a mindset that looks at what the residents are able to do rather than not to do; using the right interventions at the right time; to build on their strengths for better outcomes; take a creative, flexible and personalised way; take a holistic and integrated approach through, for instance, multi-agency working, implement service specifications that reflect personalisation that uses embedded tools and services; and taking a preventative approach.

Supported Housing & Living

We aim to provide a range of low, medium and high support accommodation, including fully-catered to self-contained accommodation; access to essential support 24/7; a concierge-style service; and selectively supported living advice which enables and empowers residents to develop the skills and financial means to sustain future tenancies. The services we provide in our accommodation facilities are essential in helping to build confidence, independence and stability for our residents, thus reducing possible future risk of homelessness. Amongst other methods to develop independence, we encourage our residents to develop their values and moral education which assist with social reintegration.

Social Communities & Networks

We celebrate on the success of our unique social communities which are cultivated within our accommodation facilities. Our ability to nurture a ‘family culture’ within our projects means that our residents are able to develop appropriate friendships, manage relationships and feel ‘at home’ during the time that they spend with us. We want our residents to feel safe, secure and comfortable as they work towards creating a brighter future for themselves. The warm, social environments that we encourage are fundamental in developing the social skills that are expected in the wider community.

Partnership Program

We use our established networks to provide access to essential welfare services and open the doors to potential training and employment opportunities. We work closely with other agencies and charities all devoted to supporting socially and opportunity-disadvantages adults.

Wellbeing & Substance Misuse

We collaborate closely with local health authorities, mental health services, as well as drug and alcohol teams and, are therefore well-positioned to facilitate access for our residents when required.  We encourage positive engagement with all help services, as a part of our ‘self-help expectations’ which are outlined in all tenancy agreements. As examples, these critical services may help to ease anxiety or other mental health symptoms; provide assistance and counselling relating to substance misuse, or simply to educate residents on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Our support workers are all able to advise and are keen to see evidence of a healthy lifestyle being adopted during residents’ tenancies.

Living & Life Skills

In order for our residents to proceed and lead independent, stable and successful lives after their departure from our projects, we adopt various methods to ensure that essential life skills are developed during their time with us. Our support workers assist individuals in building these skills through a combination of one-to-one sessions, group work, formal learning and empowerment programmes. Whether it be relating to running a home, managing finances, or learning coping strategies, we ensure that our residents are ready to restart their lives as well-prepared as possible.

Offending & Anti-social Behaviour

Our accommodation team members and support workers are experienced in working with offenders and those who partake in anti-social behaviour. Through peaceful interactions with these residents, attitudes towards and issues surrounding offending and reoffending are discussed and addressed, with the hope of finding solutions to break reoffending patterns. We ensure compliance of existing court orders and expect mutual respect to be shown between residents and team members at all times.

Personal Enrichment

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Our residents are encouraged to seek out new hobbies and activities to enrich their time. Through encouragement and education, we aim to assist our residents to discover and utilise on their talents. This could be learning a new sport, art, or by enrolling in more formal training which may help in securing rewarding employment opportunities. We are placed to offer assistance and advice when it comes to developing newfound skills and happiness.